Server Status
Accounts : 2425 Chars : 3884 Bans: : 24
InPanic-Cap90 : 145 / 2000 Player Online!
Cap90 Server: Online Testserver: Online

Server Rates Cap90:

EXP/SP: (x30)
ITEM DROP: (x30)
QUEST: x10

GOLD DROP: (Customized)
ALCHEMY: (Customized)
Job Rate: (Customized)

Hotan fortress:
NoWay Tax: 20%

Jangan fortress:
Apocalypse Tax: -20%

Bandit fortress:
Fortress Register: Friday/Saturday
Fortress War: Sunday 18:00 SST
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Character Informations:

Name : Vitae
Status : Offline
Race: EU
Level: 90
HP: 12587 MP: 25256 AP: 0
Guild: Avalone

Job Informations:
Job Alias:
Level: EXP:

Lynx Gale Coronet(+5)
Gale Breast Mail(+5)(Seal of Moon)
Lynx Gale Alette(+5)
Lynx Gale Glove(+5)
Lynx Gale Breast Tasset(+5)
Lynx Gale Boots(+5)
Ancient Legacy(+5)(Seal of Sun)
Demonic Skin(+5)(Seal of Moon)
Lynx Sapphire Earring(+5)
Hydra Sapphire Necklace(+5)
Hydra Sapphire Ring(+5)
Lynx Sapphire Ring(+5)

Unique Kills:

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