Server Status
InPanic-Cap80 : Slots: 2000
Cap80 Gameserver Status : Online

Server Rates Cap80:

EXP/SP: (x30)
ITEM DROP: (x25)
GOLD DROP: (x25)
QUEST: x10
Job Rate: Custom

InPanic Silkroad Globals
InPanic Silkroad Globals

  • MogelBaum : urahara stinkt nach pups!!!!
  • _Silena : wtb sword sun normal +9 or 10 for medal coin
  • Urahara : muss mal nordlicht fragen ob ich einen seiner ca 2k sox items haben kann
  • Odysseus : sun spear +5fb for sale price 1b if german 2b if german and dont believe 1.5 can be :p
  • Urahara : but everyone is free to believe what he/she wants
  • Urahara : i agree since i dont believe in any kind of god
  • Odysseus : i protest the catholism :d
  • Odysseus : ch mchte non german :d a3 1.8t forget gt30 for sale also my bosch washing machines
  • GernhartRein : wtb sun bow pls pm me d
  • GernhartRein : huhu hat einer einen sun bow fuer mich d bitte
  • Odysseus : looking for non-german guild pm me... be water my friend :p
  • sinij : ^^
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • l___Hali___l : was afk
  • Odysseus : yeha i love bruce lee :d
  • sinij : .
  • Odysseus : anyone here no german player or guild?
  • Odysseus : be happy with your herd and dont blame me for a stall you were same i stalled dont lie again!!!
  • Odysseus : you can see how they attack me what i did them nothing...
  • Odysseus : no sides all germans together and a few egy we cant talk with them ...
  • Odysseus : but even i didnt use bad words to you why u r so ungry i spent 2 days in heuco mundo and u r ungry
  • Odysseus : you are not serious as if organised no asnwer and some of them later and tomorrow :p
  • l___Hali___l : the chat is in discord who doesnt believe ur a piece of shit
  • Cronos : thx hali, i tried to help to and said later his answere was everyone says later so i dont help
  • _The_One_ : yeah i pked u sone times cause im borde and font like u. so enjoy the time here
  • l___Hali___l : u told me its my job to help idiots like u for shit u have no respect to other players [email protected]
  • Odysseus : they dont help also they ks and pk sometime :/
  • Odysseus : gm people interesting here dont write hi dont get in their guild cuz im not german i cant quest
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • Odysseus : mess with your as
  • Odysseus : your herd moving together talking together ksing together :/ thats not so bad but u do it weird
  • _The_One_ : i read murder other player????
  • Odysseus : efendisiz fatalerror and many player trusted i was doing their trades i ve never seen players like u
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • Odysseus : i played many servers ecsro vip isro troy zszc servers by name theking lichking tigristigris efendis
  • Odysseus : when uniq hp low looks and kills us and gets the uniq you good players thats i ve never done
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • sturmy : the murder of isy is a botter atm (@ gm)
  • Odysseus : by forcing not to play people here u r not doing good thing also someof you coming and pk ing when
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • Odysseus : your brain and eyes bugges as i see you racist boy
  • Odysseus : 1st 10krn bugged lord you were there and i was not on the hill
  • _The_One_ : we love ur pummelfee
  • __Lordy__ : hali <333
  • Cronos : after u bugged lord i think no one loves u
  • l___Hali___l : yep
  • __Lordy__ : ???
  • Odysseus : i love germans but they dont like me :d
  • Odysseus : help me to kill heuco mundo last unique grimmjow please for 2 days i cant finish... please help
  • Odysseus : server i need to kill grimjow for quest.. killed 4 uniques 1 left please kill it together???

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